ABC’s & 123’s
14 Brand NEW Activities You'll Adore!

The 10 Main Activities included are...

ABC’s & 123’s
Press any key on the keyboard and that letter or number will appear in the center of your screen. Click the mouse and that letter or number will fly out of Flopsy's magic bag.

Balloon Fun
Tapping the keys pops the balloons and reveals the letter or number you pressed. Try Floating Balloons or Crazy Balloon Pop!

Building Blocks
Build a tall tower out of letter and number blocks by tapping the keys. Be careful or they'll tip over!

The Magic Hat
Tap any letter or number key and watch it float out of the magic hat. Press another key and make the bunny appear!

A is for Apple
Press any letter key and get an object that starts with that letter. Press a number key and get that many objects. Flopsy will speak to what's on the screen. Or turn the voice off and ask your baby what they see.

Counting With Flopsy
Tap the keys to make Flopsy contort himself into every number on the keyboard!

Silly Cuckoo Clock
Tap any key and watch the hands of the clock spin around and around. Tap the number keys and see that number pop up and change colors. Can you make the Cuckoo Bird come out?

1-2-3 What Do You See?
Tap the keys to change the cute little bugs Flopsy sees in his magnifying glass. Use the onscreen buttons to switch between 1, 2, or 3 bugs.

Little Racers
Press any key to send the four speedy little race cars across the screen. Click the mouse and "Green" means GO!

My Five Friends
Press a key and get 1 fun little friend. Press a key again and get 2 little friends... then three, then four... you get the idea! Turn the voice on to hear the numbers or turn it off and you can do the counting!

Yes! Additional Bonus Activities Also Included!
There are 4 new bonus activities, for a total of 14 activities in ABC’s & 123’s.

In A-B-C Play With Me you and all our animal friends are out on the playground. Make the animals pop up from behind the hill or send a letter down the slide! In A-B-C Dance With Me you make the letters dance by holding the keys down. Even Sing Along With Flopsy as he sings his Alphabet song!

As in all of Giggles titles, the 4th bonus activity is a music video and this one is Alphabet Soup! Completely NEW GREAT MUSIC and ALL NEW ANIMATED SCENES! You and baby can tap the keys or click the mouse along to the music!