My Animal Friends
14 Brand NEW Activities You'll Adore!

The 10 Main Activities included are...

My Animal Friends
Large centered image of each animal that changes on key tap. Similar to "Big Shapes" from the Shapes title. Mouse click makes flopsy blow bubbles.

Little Quackers
Key taps make the ducks quack and flap their wings as they swim along. Mouse click makes turtle go in and out of his shell.

Nite Lites
Adorable fireflies light up with each key tap. Mouse click turns lantern lights on and off.

Fishy Fun
Key taps make swimming fishies blow bubbles and the puffer fish puff up. Mouse clicks make cute crabs on bottom scamper along.

Groundhog Day
Key taps make silly groundhogs pop up out of their holes. Mouse clicks make flower petals fly off flowers.

Flopsy's Pet Shop
Key taps wake up one of the animals in the shop window and make them jump into the air. Mouse clicks make mice run across bottom of screen.

Raining Cats & Dogs
Key taps make actual cats & dogs drop out of the clouds at top of screen - adorable! Mouse clicks make real rain fall out of the clouds - cool!

Bunny Boom
Key taps makes cute bunnies duplicate all over the screen. Mouse movement of the magic wand over a bunny makes it disappear with a "poof".

Monkey Mania
Key taps make monkeys "ooh-ahhh- ahhh" and throw a banana. Mouse clicks make bananas fall from the bunches at the top of the screen.

Penguin Playground
Key taps make penguins slide down ice slides, jump and flip, or fly into the air. Mouse clicks make little fishies jump out of the water below.

Yes! Additional Bonus Activities Also Included!
There are 4 additional bonus activities, making a total of 14 activities in My Animal Friends. The first 3 bonus activities are our new Scroller Activities. Scroll along left to right as if you were taking a walk through our fun-filled Zoo, hilarious Farm, and wild Safari. You know how to do it—just tap the keys!

See the Tiger dance, the Pandas enjoying ice cream cones, the seals playing with a ball, and much more. You can even take snapshots of the action by clicking the mouse button.

As in our first title, Shapes, the 4th bonus activity in this title is a Music Video and it's all about animals. You and baby can tap the keys or click the mouse along to the music!