14 Different Activities You'll Adore!

The 10 Main Activities included are...

Big Shapes
Your screen is filled with color in this activity as big, colorful shapes change on key press. Say the names of the shapes and colors out loud for baby as they press the keys.

Floating Shapes
This activity is similar to "Big Shapes" except the shapes float gently in the center of the screen. See if your baby can track their movement. Move your mouse around to make Kitty chase her nose.

Spinning Shapes
Four consistant shapes spin and whistle each time the keys are pressed. Each shape can be clicked with the mouse for added fun.

Rising Shapes
Key taps result in an explosion of colorful shapes which then drift up toward the sky. Tiger will follow your mouse movements.

Shape Windows
See what's behind each window as each one opens up on key press. Shapes and animals are waiting to be discovered!

Silly Squares
Squares of every color buzz and vibrate with excitement as each key is pressed. Move Giraffe around by his necktie with your mouse.

Crazy Circles
It's a ferris wheel of circles! As they rotate around the center of your screen see if you can catch them with your mouse.

Shooting Stars
It's a clear night and the stars are out. Give Frog a starry nighttime show by tapping the keys.

Diving Diamonds
Diamonds love the summertime heat, but help them cool off by pressing the keys or clicking your mouse. Mouse movements will make Seal chase his ball around.

Tricky Triangles
These triangles are on the move, but if you tickle your keyboard they'll sing with delight.

Additional Bonus Activities Included!
It's not all about Shapes afterall... There are 4 additional bonus activities here for a total of 14 activities in all!

You'll be amazed at how much fun your baby has on Flopsy's Funny Farm! Make Flopsy jump and squirm in Fun With Flopsy. Or hold down the keys and make Giraffe, Elephant, Monkey, and Pig dance the night away in Flopsy's Dance Party.

The 4th bonus activity in this title is a Music Video starring all the shapes and animal friends you can imagine. You and baby can tap the keys or click the mouse along to the music!