Topic: just purchased 123 and abcs, went to d/l and 3 of them were....

3 of them were installations for the screensaver.  1 of them was for the game in Spanish.  I don't speak spanish.  When I went to try to re-download them, I can't find the downloads any longer.  What the heck???  So I just spent 20 bucks on a screensaver? 

I never got a confirmation email either.  However, when I checked my bank account the purchase shows up.



Re: just purchased 123 and abcs, went to d/l and 3 of them were....

Or you can contact us directly at

An email was automatically sent to you by the system immediately after your ordered was completed. If you cannot find it, look in your junk or spam mail folders and it likely got trapped in there. I can assure you it was sent though.

In that email, the download links are at the bottom. Each one of them is clearly labeled with the 3 following files: Main Program - English Version, Bonus Screensaver Version, and Main Program - Spanish Version.

The screensaver and the Spanish versions are bonuses that we give you for free. it sounds like you only clicked those links and missed the 3rd link for the Main Program English Installer.

Let me know if you cannot find the email and I will have it sent again, but you'll need to make certain that emails from "" can make it through your spam/junk filters.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, or if there is anything else that I can do for you.


Have a great day!

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