Topic: About the Bonus Giggles Screensaver that's included

Can you tell me more about the Bonus Giggles Screensaver that's included?

Currently our software titles include a BONUS CD with a Giggles Screensaver. It functions just like any other screensaver you've seen, with one very important difference. After launching, our screensaver locks out the computer from curious babies. Pressing keys on the keyboard does not turn off the screensaver, instead it provides interactive on-screen fun for your baby.

Each of the 3 available screensaver activities protects your valuable files and computer from your little one's curious fingers. No more deleted files or files renamed to "oeiuajknlsdvaksjdnvslk" by your baby! You click a "quit" button with your mouse to exit the screensaver. Best of all, it's FREE!

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