Topic: Program: Monitor Rotating Randomly??

We have recently learned of a small anomaly that can occur when using our software on some computers with a newer advanced video cards.  Some of these video cards support a keyboard shortcut for rotating the screen within the monitor.  The keyboard shortcut is CTRL + ALT + ARROW KEY and functions on video cards that support monitor rotation, like tablet PC's, etc.

It is possible that while playing the game, your baby can hit that exact key combo and make the image rotate 90 degress within the monitor.  The simple fix if that happens is to just hit the key combination again yourself to return the screen to the correct rotation within the monitor.  It is unlikely that they will strike this exact key combination however.

Since this is a very new issue, the program does not currently block this key combo.  We will be issuing a fix for this with an updated version that blocks this key combination within the next couple weeks and will make it a free update for all current users who may want or need it.  Watch this forum and our front page for information on obtaining the updated version.

Have a great day!

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