Topic: Registration screen - quit button functionality

There is a very minor bug in some of the early produced CD's of the Shapes title that people may encounter.  It is rarely seen, but I have had a couple people mention that they encountered it so I wanted to post a quick note about it here.

When you're on the initial registration screen, when you start the program for the first time, and you enter an incorrect serial number, you get an error box that pops up telling you the serial number you entered is incorrect.  You're presented with the option to "Try Again" or "Quit".  In this error box, the "Quit" button does not function correctly.

The simple workaround is to hit the "Try Again" button which will take you back to the registration screen.  If you need to quit the program to locate your serial number, the "Quit" button on this registration screen functions correctly.

This minor issue has since been fixed and only appears on some of the very first produced CD's for the Shapes title only.

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