Topic: Cycling of Choices

Both me an my wife love to play online games and got our duaghter interested in several kid websites but she would always hit buttons and stop the videos or what ever was playing. The one day at our local retailer, I found your software. I bought it only 1 day after downloading the demo. My 2 year old loves your program, especially the bunnies. The problem is that after a little while she becomes bored with the current one. Then we hear her say "Different one".

It would be great if you could set a configuration to have it cycle through the choices after 10-15 minutes..

One other configuration would be to allow the bonus video on the animal package to start over by the baby/child hitting a key.

Loving your software in California,

Shawn, Mia, and Lily

Re: Cycling of Choices


Thanks for the feedback. I think that having the video play again with a keystroke could be a good idea, as opposed to just the mouse click which it has now. We'll look into that.

We encourage people to play with and interact with your child while she plays the activities. So we figure that if you're sitting there with her, when she wants a different one, you would change it for her. But the cycling through the activities idea is interesting. We do try to limit the different options and possible features of the game(s) to keep them simple and easy for everyone to use. But we will definitely add that to the list of possible features for the future. It's a good idea! smile

Thanks for the great feedback!

Have a great day!

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