Topic: Suggestion for future 2-4 yr old product implementation

As mentioned in my previous post my 2 1/2 year old loves  all  your software.

You mention that  you are going to be developing a toddler program next.

I would like to see the software take on the ability to require the user to do something more than strike a key... perhaps do something in sequence to accomplish the goal of the activity.

As of now it has pretty much been a "press a key, get a result".  To some degree it needs to stay that way to keep the activities simple and from becoming frustrating... but perhaps there could be an "advanced mode" or perhaps several activities that would require slightly more advanced skills such as sequencing, or selecting all the "blue" objects and the software rewards the user with a special screen.

Another possibility might be an activity that would improve fine motor skills with the mouse.  Maybe have to click on the ant that is running around the screen to ... put him in the jar (or whatever)!  Perhaps have big objects and small objects so beginners could easily hit the larger ones. 

At the moment my son is a little wild with the mouse... sort of moves it all around trying to get to the button he wants, but I know that skill will develop over the next 6 months or so.


Randy Horton
Tampa, FL

Re: Suggestion for future 2-4 yr old product implementation

Hi Randy,

Thanks fo all of your thoughts - in fact you're right on! Have you been peaking in our windows?? :-)

We've been working on toddler-based activities that are similar to everything you've mentioned, and in fact the first toddler full title will likely be our "mouse learning" program. It doesn't have a title yet, but the intention of all the activities is to help a toddler, who is now beginning to move the mouse around, get much better. It will teach them to be more precise - starting with very simple activities for mouse which will continue to progress as they move through the program - getting more detailed and more precise with the mouse requirements, etc.

It will be called something like "Fun With The Mouse" or "Mouse-Learning Fun" - something like that. I'm hoping to have it completed and out by the 3rd quarter of this year - just in time for the holidays!


Have a great day!

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Re: Suggestion for future 2-4 yr old product implementation

My daughter and I really enjoy your software.  I have two comments:

1. The age limits seem off on your past software programs. You might want to adjust your age limit to three as my daughter (age 2.5) still  gets a lot from your programs in the terms of enjoyment, learning mouse skills, and cause and affect.  Though developmental benchmarks are flexible, some of your customers may not be inclined to buy your program if you indicat that the ages for your software programs are below their child's chronological age.

2.  My daughter has had difficulty learning what part of the mouse to click to make actions occur.  I relsoved this problem by placing a sticker (for her it was a sticker of a bird) on the left part of the mouse and having my daughter click the birdie sticker. You might either include a sticker for this purpose with your software or better yet, make an adaptive mouse  that you can sell with the toddler product.  This adaptive mouse could be bigger than usual so as to aid manipulation but young children.

Again, we really love your program.  Keep up the good work!

Re: Suggestion for future 2-4 yr old product implementation

Hi Monica,

Your feedback is great and you're right on track with both comments. We're actually adjusting all of the ages for our "baby" titles to be 6-to-36 months currently. We've always known that children play with the products up until 3 and typically 4 years old even, but the problem was that from a marketing standpoint, it's difficult to try to market a product that is supposedly for as young as 6 months and as old as 4 years.

Our programs really are though. We build them in a very open and non-structured way for this very reason. What changes over that time period is how children interact and use the programs, and what they learn and work on - just as you described.

Our compromise is that we are going to place "36 months" on all future packaging, as opposed to "24 months". The 6-to-24 month range though is really the target for STARTING to use the programs, from there they will use them for quite a while. I know adults who still like to hit the keys and get a reaction! :-)

For the mouse suggestion, I think that your suggestion of a sticker for the left mouse button is outstanding. I will see about adding that in future products and in future packaging versions of our existing products.

We're working on doing a Giggles mouse currently. We've been exploring different designs and different manufacturer's for such a product. I hope to have something that we'll release in 2009, along with a baby-friendly keyboard.

Thanks Monica!

Have a great day!

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