Topic: Unable to open Download...

i download giggles after purchasing and I am unable to open the .zip file attached.

I think there is something wrong with the ABC123 download.

I tried once opening with the WinRar program and once with the Winzip.

Both give error messages stating "unexpected end of zip file".

I download both using firefox.

Can you please update the status of the .zip download or let me know how to get download a copy.


Re: Unable to open Download...


that is actually an error in downloading essentially. You'll only get that error if you're trying to unzip a file that is not complete - i.e. the file did not finish downloading. This can happen if your internet connection is interrupted during download or if an energy saver or screen saver activates during download, etc.

somehow you download was interrupted and you did not get the complete file. So when you try to unzip it, WinZip doesn't understand the file because it is not complete.

Let me know if you were still not able to get this to work. Keeping your computer busy during downloading is one way to assure the download does not get interrupted.

If all else fails, we'll send you out a CD set just to make certain that you have/get the program that you paid for.


Have a great day!

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