Topic: 123 & abcs not working after DLing patch

I have just bought the software and installed it. I am on Vista, I have Downloaded the patch and restarted. For some reason it is still not launching. Is there anyway I can fix this?

Ok after pposting this I did continue to mess withe the programm and found that if you Go into its propeties, and Check that you want to run as admin. then you DL the patch and restart it works Great!!!!!
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Re: 123 & abcs not working after DLing patch

As help for others who may experience this problem, here is a set of simple instructions that will fix the matter. Windows Vista can be a real nightmare to install any software into. But we're certain this will get the program installed for anyone having difficulties. The fix indicated in the post above will not work for many - we suggest you do the following:

Start over by following the steps outlined below:

1) Navigate to the Giggles directory within your Start Menu and choose to Uninstall the program completely.
2) After the program is completely uninstalled, restart your computer.
3) Place the original install CD into the drive and install the program on your computer. At the end of the install, be sure that the "launch" program button is UNCHECKED. After quitting the installer, DO NOT try to launch or open the program yet.
4) Restart your computer.
5) Download the Windows Vista Updater for the Giggles program you own from our website at  (Be sure to choose "save as..." and save the file to your desktop - you cannot "run" it from our website).  After downloading the updater, you'll need to run that updater and it will install the update on your computer. When that is complete, make sure the "launch" button is not checked if you see one, and do not try to launch the program yet after quitting the installer.
6) Restart your computer.

Everything should now function as expected and the program should work from this point forward. Let me know if you have and further difficulties.

Have a great day!

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