Topic: Program: Helpful Hints & Suggestions

Program: Helpful Hints & Suggestions

HINT #1: If you get tired of watching the two brief introduction clips (Leveractive & Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby™ logos) whenever you launch the program, you can hit any key or click the mouse to bypass each.

HINT #2: Once you're in an activity, you can change the music style at any time by entering the Music Menu on the bottom right of the screen and clicking a new musical style. 

HINT #3: You can also turn the music off using the Music Menu in an activity.

HINT #4: You can return to the Main Menu at any time by clicking on the 'Back' button.

HINT #5: If you'd like to silence the sound effects in an activity, simply turn down the volume on your computer or speakers.

HINT #6: Babies will respond differently to each style of music. The same activity will take on a different feel depending on the style of music chosen.  Experiment with different musical styles in each of the activities to see which ones your baby responds to best. Of course, just as your baby changes every day, so will his/her likes and dislikes.  Keep experimenting, laughing, and having fun!

HINT #7: Make the experience interactive between you and your little one.  We designed our software series to engage both you and your baby - it is not intended to be "babysitter" for them, but instead to be an enriching and really fun activity they share with you.  For example, we intentially did not place voice in the program saying things like "triangle" or "blue" or "doggy" because we believe that it creates a more intimate and engaging experience if you do that for your baby.  Tell them the names of the colors, the shapes, the animals, and other objects on the screen - this is how they will learn and grow!

HINT #8: As your baby gets older and passes that 1 yr old mark, they'll want to begin experiementing with the mouse.  We've built very unique mouse-learning techniques and items into our titles to help them out!  Let them move the mouse around and let them click the mouse button.  They're taught the cause-and-effect of moving the mouse around with out clever mouse following features and they often get a different reward for clicking the mouse button then they do for pressing a key.  They be moving the mouse around and clicking in no time!

Have a great day!

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