Topic: Placement of "Quit" button.


I had a suggestion as to the position of the "Quit" button.  My son is 2 1/2 and just started to use the mouse.  We love that your software has taught him this in a very easy manner! 

My suggestion revolves around the fact that while my son knows how to navigate between the front page and the bonus activities (by going to the lower right hand corner), he doesn't really know what the buttons say.

The problem comes in when he is already on the front page and decides (in his mind) he wants to get to the other page.  He goes to the lower right hand corner (where "back" would normally be) and ends up selecting "quit".  This of course doesn't yield the desired result for a 2 year old, and about 1/2 the time he ends up quitting out of the program, which then just causes him to get mad!  :0)

So, my suggestion is that on the front page of activities, move the "quit" button up to the upper right hand corner with the "www" button, etc.  This way there would never be any confusion when going to the lower right hand corner to get back to the other page.

Totally love the software!


Randy Horton
Tampa, FL

Re: Placement of "Quit" button.

Hi Randy,

This is a very interesting thought and I hadn't received that feedback prior to your note. In a typical interactive program, having the QUIT button in the same place as the BACK button is actually the logical location because essentially it is the ultimate "back". But in the context of a toddler using the program, you have a good point. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this same result?

For our next title, I'll take a look at the placement of that and see if there is something else that makes sense. It could also just be that your child in particular likes to click in that location - that is why it would be great to hear if others have had the same result. If we find it's something that everyone is experiencing, I'll definitely take a look at different locations on the screen.

Thanks for your continued interest and great comments.


Have a great day!

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