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Award-Winning Baby Software Company Leveractive
Introduces A “Cyber-Menagerie” For Babies

Rochester, NY (September 15, 2006) – Whether squealing with delight over the elephants at the zoo, sheepishly feeding the llamas at the petting farm, or innocently tugging the dog’s tail at home, it’s a sure bet that babies adore animals. So what better subject could you think of to get and keep their attention for fun and learning?

Brand new from Leveractive, comes Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby – My Animal Friends. This engaging new title in their award-winning Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby software series introduces babies between the ages of 6 to 24 months to computers with cleverly creative concepts and activities related to animals. In this unique key-tapping software, whenever a child touches the keyboard, they are rewarded with fun on-screen activity, sounds, music, and adorable dancing, flying and playful animals.

Some of the 14 different activities include:

• Groundhog Day, in which babies tap any key and groundhogs jump up from their holes in the ground and make a funny noise. Yes, some do see their shadows!

• Raining Cats & Dogs, in which tapping any key makes cats and dogs rain down from drifting clouds at the top of the screen and make funny sounds - very entertaining!

• Penguin Playground, in which tapping any key causes a penguin to jump and play, slide down an ice slide, or dive into the water.

All of the activities include a unique and different mouse action. For example, clicking the mouse in Penguin Playground causes little fish to jump out of the water on the bottom of the screen. Or clicking the mouse in Little Quackers makes a turtle poke its head in or out of its shell. As with Leveractive’s first blockbuster hit in this series, Shapes, My Animal Friends has been carefully crafted to be appropriate for ages 6-to-24 months with the child’s interactions with the program changing as they grow through this period.

Invented by Rochester software guru, Tim Leverett, for his 20-month old son, this parent-inspired product line encourages children to touch and tap the keys, by offering instant feedback on-screen as a reward. Because his son was so intrigued with the computer, Leverett tried to find products that would satisfy that curiosity. Disappointed at not finding anything suitable, fun or age appropriate, Leverett decided to create something on his own.

More than simply eliciting delighted laughter from babies, the Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby titles are highly educational. Research has shown that the more you stimulate and interact with young children, the more they learn and develop. The overall quality of their learning and development increases dramatically. So who knows, playing with My Animal Friends might just inspire your baby to become a zoo keeper, a veterinarian or a computer graphics designer who creates the sequel to “Madagascar.” But no matter what they do later, right now they’ll have fun, learn and be pleasantly introduced to the computer.

Since its introduction at the 2006 American International Toy Fair, the debut title, Shapes, garnered a handful of very prestigious children’s product awards, including the prestigious Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award, the Top 10 Mr. Dad Seal of Approval and iParenting Media Award.

All of Leveractive’s products are available for both PC and Mac and retail for $24.95 and are selling well at The Apple Store, Best Buy and, among other popular retailers and websites. There are plans for a total of 10 different titles in the series that include “ABC’s & 123’s” and “Around My House.” New titles will be released over the next 3 years.

For more information contact Tim Leverett, at Leveractive, LLC at 585-545-6138. You can email him at or visit his website at

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Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby is an award winning software computer game for babies that allows baby to tap on the keys for adorable on-screen feedback and fun. Babies learn cause-and-effect as well as shapes, colors, animals, letters, numbers and more in a fun-filled uniquely baby friendly software. Crafted for babies 6 to 24 months old, each Giggles Baby title includes 14 activities and over 50 songs in 5 unique music styles. Each program comes with both English and Spanish language versions, and My Animal Friends is also available in Dutch and French language versions.

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