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Rochester, NY (February 3, 2009) - Award winning baby software maker Leveractive, LLC has signed an exclusive agreement with Synergy Licensing, LLC to represent its Giggles Baby™, Giggles Toddler™, Giggles Gang™ and other Giggles™ related properties to the infant and children’s market across all product categories.

“The Giggles™ brand is a perfect complement to our existing client base of celebrities, music, housewares brands and sports personalities.” says Karen Diamond, Principal of Synergy Licensing. “We see tremendous opportunity in this ‘edutainment’ brand/character based property because it specifically addresses the stability and growth of the infant/children’s market.” she continued. “The Giggles Baby™ and Giggles Toddler™ brands capitalize on parents who will stop at nothing to provide the very best for their children. The adorable Giggles Gang™ characters are full of personality making them irresistible to all young children as they teach important developmental skills. With current success at retail in the core product of computer software, retailers will be broadening their product assortments to include coordinating categories.”

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Randi Goodman, Principal of Synergy Licensing adds, “The new launch of Leveractive’s 5th title, My Musical World, at Toy Fair this month will coincide with our initial marketing efforts to address all product categories including toys, games, plush, apparel, accessories, publishing and home furnishings. We are thrilled to be an integral part of this award winning, critically acclaimed program.”

The Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby™baby software series from Leveractive has been hailed as a ground-breaking approach to letting babies as young as 6 months of age interact with a computer by just pressing or tapping any key on the computer keyboard. The series has 4 available titles, with the 5th hitting store shelves in March/April. Each title features the adorable Giggles Gang™ characters and the product line has garnered more than 20 prestigious and coveted industry and parenting awards.

Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby™ has been sold in many larger retailers such as Target, The Apple Stores, Toys ‘R Us, Circuit City, Best Buy, and, as well as smaller independent toy, baby and gift retailers. This multilingual series is also sold and distributed in more than 10 countries worldwide, with 15 more countries being added in the first half of 2009.

Synergy Licensing, LLC is a new company created by licensing veterans Karen Diamond and Randi Goodman. From “Looney Tunes” to “Lord of the Rings,” and Pillsbury to Polaroids, Diamond and Goodman have created and executed some of the most memorable and impactful brand enhancing campaigns in the licensing world. Now reunited after 17 years, where they previously combined to drive the Warner Brothers licensing catalogue to unprecedented heights, both Diamond and Goodman boast hall of fame resumes of brand building excellence.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Synergy and are excited by the depth of knowledge and experience that they bring to the table. The time is right, the partnership is right, and we’re looking forward to a long relationship.” says Tim Leverett, CEO and Founder of Leveractive, LLC.

Synergy Licensing, LLC, based out of New York City, offers the experience and expertise of larger established agencies, combined with the creativity and senior-level client support that is the trademark of smaller firms. With over 40 years of combined licensing, branding, retail and product development experience, Synergy offers clients a proven track record of building entertainment, character, corporate, fashion, celebrity and sports brands into widely successful merchandise and retail franchises. The agency takes the unique position of being a generalist agency specializing in all arenas, offering expertise in a myriad of category sectors while building properties into viable, profitable, long-term licensing programs.

For more information on Synergy Licensing, LLC, contact Karen Diamond at 201-310-2798 or via email at kdakaren (at), or Randi Goodman at 212-439-6347 or via email at rglicensing (at)

Leveractive, LLC is a privately held consumer products company located in Rochester, NY and currently specializing in entertainment software titles for the baby and toddler markets. Brands include Giggles Baby™, Giggles Toddler™, Giggles Kids™, and The Giggles Gang™. Leveractive was founded in 2004 by Tim Leverett as vehicle for creating inspiring and enriching products for his own son. This dad-inspired journey continues today with a commitment to creating outstanding quality-of-play experiences for all children.

For more information on Leveractive, LLC, contact Tim Leverett, at Leveractive, LLC at 585-755-5579. You can e-mail him at tim ( at) or visit his website at


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