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Here is just a small sampling of the thousands of testimonials we've received...

“She loves your games so much, thanks a lot for bringing children so much joy!”

Jinshan - Wllington, New Zealand

“I have purchased every thing that you have made so far for my grandson including your newest one. I am writing this to tell you that I think your products are great and they do bring many hours of joy, that's a fact. I think that you work incredibly hard for the price you charge. I recommend your product to a lot of people. My grandson is now three and has been using your stuff since he was about five months. Keep them coming.”


“I have purchased all your Giggle Baby programs and my husband and I find them amazing! Yesterday, I purchased the only one we didn't have, the new Giggles Music Program”


“I own all of your Giggles SW for Babies programs for the MacIntosh. My 8 month old girl and 3 year old boy enjoy your programs very much.”


“My daughter will be so excited! She loves the other programs, and she is crazy about animals and is just starting to learn some letters. :-)”


“Thank you very much. Austin is so happy to be playing his Giggles Animal game.”


“I purchased the nursery rhymes & my toddler loves it”


“Congratulations! We love your stuff and have used it since Jadyn was 6 mo. She is now 2+ and enjoys the same programs - only at a different level. Even knows how to open and choose her favorites! Thanks - well spent $$$”


“We bought ABC's & 123's for my son. He's so crazy about it I want to buy him all of the other products. It keeps him occupied while I pay our bills online. What a fantasitc product!”


“I am not surprised that you received an award for the musical program. I always recommend your product to everyone. I just don't think enough people know about your product is all. I own them all for my grandson and would not see why every wouldn't. Best thing you can buy for a child on the computer. My grandson is 3 and he can load them up go to the game of his choice and work them all with the mouse and the keyboard. I can't say enough about how good these programs are. Good Luck and keep them coming!”


“I have a special needs grandchild who is almost 6. He is madly in love with baby giggles musical and baby giggles. In fact he spends most of his waking hours pounding out on the computer the various programs of the musical program. Thank you and please continue making these delightful programs.”


“My children LOVE your Computer Funtime For Baby”

Samantha - Johnstown, CO

“Today was the first time my 1 year old child and I tried Giggles and we both love it!”


“Thank you so much!

Julie - Greentown, PA

“I ordered Giggles Shapes software for my grandaugther when she was 5 mo. She just loves playing around with the keyboard and watching the colorful screen.I have been very pleased with this product...I highly recommend it.”

Edie B. - Plainfield, IL

“I purchased Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby and it was the best investment I have ever made ... my grandson, who is now 14 months ... just loves it.”


“...all my new mommy friends love this gift. My son can't get enough of it. He loves to hold the keys down to see it constantly doing something. He even clicks the mouse. He's only 10 months old. Thank you.”

Susan T. - Dix Hills, NY

“This product gets an A++ from me. My 2 1/2 year old son has refused to speak any words but is smart in other areas. I bought him ABC\'s and 123\'s and by the next day he was singing the ABC song! He also loves the building blocks and gets a big kick out of watching them all fall down. I can\'t wait for more of your products!!!”

Shannon - Cleveland, Ohio

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the CD set (ABC's & 123's)in the mail today. We both love it. It was a perfect step up for him from Shapes - he is 25 months old and since he already recognizes numerals 0 thru 9 and about 7 letters of the alphabet, I'm always looking for new and fun ways to keep him reading and learning. We're gonna have a lot of fun with this! By the way, his absolute favorite is "Counting With Flopsy" - he completely cracks up at Flopsy shaped like a 5. Thanks again Tim; I hope you keep developing software like this - I'll be looking for new products!”

Tracy - Hanford, CA

“My 21 month old just LOVES these programs. I'm just about to let my 6 month old loose on them as well! Thanks for a great product and the great customer service!”

Marisa - Glendale, CA

“My 18 month old son loves your games. His second word after -Hello-, was -Giggle Giggle-. Thanks for a great product.”

Evelyn - Rutherford, NJ

“My 2 and half years old daughter knows all the animals.. because of your software.. i thank you so much for supporting kids knowledge.”

Mazen - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

“Hope you guys come out with a lot more software for children.
My children love it!”

James S. - Troy NY

“ grandaughter absolutely loves it!!!!”

Pat - Philadelphia, PA

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the free Christmas software and to let you know that my granddaughter, Erin, absolutely loves it, just as she loves the other Giggles software that I purchased for her! It certainly does live up to its’ name!

Sending this software was a very generous gesture on your part. I recommend your products to many people... not only is your software everything that you advertise it to be, but your customer service is also astounding! Keep up the good work!

I’d like to wish you and your families that best of holidays!
Thank you again!”

Pat - A very satisfied customer

“I am an Occupational Therapist and find the orginal Giggles [Shapes] great for working with children and hope that the 2nd [My Animal Friends] is as good.”

Donna - Wanaque, NJ

“I am a work-at-home mom and I have a 2 year old son that loves this program... it's something he never gets bored doing!!! We have both Shapes and My Animal Friends programs and can't wait till you add more! Thanks!”

Suzanne - Somerset, KY

“It is a fantastic game. My son loves it so much. There is nothing like it for his age group. Thanks for developing such a fun game, and thanks so much for your excellent customer service!”

Susan - Brookline, MA

“Just wanted to say thank you. My Granddaughter loves her Giggles Shapes and I’m sure she will love her new Giggles.”

Sheila - Billerica, MA

“My 7 1/2 month old son LOVES LOVES LOVES your products!”

Mary - Northfield, NJ

“I am a speech-language pathologist working with babies and toddlers. I love your software and currently use all three almost daily.”

Sarah - Louisville, KY

“I received your software as a gift for my nearly one year old son at Christmas this year. I loved it for him, but thought that it would be great for work as well. IÕm an occupational therapist in school systems. We work with lots of children that are very low in their cognitive function and your software works great for them. They need for every button push to result in something captivating. I showed all the teachers how to download the trial version and now many of them are excited to buy it for their classrooms. Thanks for your product!”

Joy - USA

“I appreciate the great customer support and thank you for the wonderful products. They entertain and engage my son as no other software has!”

David - Rockville, MD

“I bought Giggles for my granddaughter. She is now 3 months old and she has been watching it since she was 2 months old. She is colicy and it helps to calm her down. She loves babbling to the screen and she is already playing with the keyboard and she gets all excited when things happen as she touches the keys. I am so glad I found this program it was a great investment in my baby’s future.”

Debby V. - Revere, MA

“It’s wonderful. My son loves it!”

Ina - Plantation, FL

“Just want to let you know that my son loves the software and now we really have a hard time getting him to let US use the computer. Can’t wait for the next edition.”

Paula M. - Indianapolis, IN

“What amazes me is the quality, quantity and variety of the music!”

Ben - Vevey, Switzerland

“Our daughter is 15 months and has been using this product since she was 6 months old. She loves the shapes, music & the colors and it is great how interactive it really is. Giggles I feel can also give your baby a feeling of importance being at the computer with mommy & daddy.”

Adam F. - Glen Cove, NY

“We received the download email and everything is working wonderfully. This is such a fantastic game that you’ve invented, I only wish I would have found it sooner!”

Kim & Baby Tyler - Oldsmar, FL

“Giggles is for more than Baby. My two and one-half year old granddaughter Fiona loves Giggles (Shapes), especially the silly dog that moves and makes funny noises. So she and I were delighted that Giggles (My Animal Friends) offered more of the same. Our favorite is the Penguins, the use of the repeat key is a hidden treasure.

Fiona is extremely bright and very articulate. She loves books. I appreciate very much that your computer program does not try to replace reading to a child. Instead, you have creatively used computer technology to create a new fun experience. Thanks!”

Nancy - Grandy, NC

“This is awesome software. It has great colors, a great interface and is easy to explain to grandparents (who also loved to play with baby). It’s an activity that my baby looks forward in his daily routine. We can now say ’eat your veggies then we’ll have some computer time, ok?’ It works great. Giggles has become my trademark gift for babies. Thanks.”

Yoloxochitl A. - Berkeley, IL

“Thank You So Much Tim!
My baby had so much fun with it this morning! This is a wonderful program! Happy Holidays!”

Karesse E. - Flushing, NY

“My son and everyone else loves Giggles! It’s great fun. We were on a play date Wednesday, and our friends purchased Giggles at the Toy Fair in Edison NJ and put it on for our son’s. They were both so excited and continued pressing the keys on the keyboard and dancing. I knew right away I had to get Giggles for my son, I downloaded it on Friday!”

Angela G. - Discovery Toys - Bronx, NY

“As a teacher, I tell parents it’s never too early to stimulate a child’s mind... Giggles is absolute proof!”

Kristen G. - Wilmington, DE

“I was home last week playing Mr. Mom... At 2 1/2, our daughter still had fun playing with the program. She liked option #2 Floating Shapes and particularly liked moving the Cat around the screen. The product you have developed is excellent... Our newborn will be ready to test the program in about 5 months!”

Colin L. - Dover, DE

“The music is FANTASTIC!”

Erol E. - Fairport, NY

“Our baby had a great time with the program. The music is great... he tapped the keys and tried to touch the screen to play with the shapes.”

Dave S. - Rochester, NY

“We just got the game, and it is AWESOME! Thank you so much! Soooo much cuter even than I had imagined! Even my 8 year old loved playing with it! Especially the Fun With Flopsy game! You will definitely have some giggly babies playing with this one!”

Melissa R. - Lexington, KY

“We love all the animal characters. The farm animal sounds are our favorite!”

Jennie F. - Rochester, NY

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Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby is an award winning software computer game for babies that allows baby to tap on the keys for adorable on-screen feedback and fun. Babies learn cause-and-effect as well as shapes, colors, animals, letters, numbers and more in a fun-filled uniquely baby friendly software. Crafted for babies 6 to 24 months old, each Giggles Baby title includes 14 activities and over 50 songs in 5 unique music styles. Each program comes with both English and Spanish language versions, and My Animal Friends is also available in Dutch and French language versions.

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